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Alternative medicine: Magnetic therapy

Magnetic Therapy: natural method that is used to relieve pain, restore energy and improve sleep. This has proven to be safe, effective, economical, and simple to use alternative forms of treatment. Magnetic therapy is thousands of years still holds great promise for the future. Magnets has been proven scientifically to return to the body with its own-healing electromagnetic balance of nature. Evidence strongly indicates that magnetic therapy can help: RELIEVE Pain, Reduce inflammation restore natural energy, increase blood circulation, reverse or prevent infection, improve metabolism and the processing of toxins and support the process of healing. Magnetic therapy is a non-Invansive methods of treatment with a very high level of success and has much to offer in both prevention and treatment of chronic disease.

Brief History of Magnetic Therapy: Association between magnets, health and welfare, which is currently enjoying revival, but the approach is not new. Magnetic therapy has an ancient heritage and has a central role in the busy Chinese medicine for more than 2000 years. Magnetic therapy mentioned in some of the earliest writing in Egypt, India and Greece. Until recently the scientific explanation of magnetic action is not available. Magnetic therapy utilizing natural energy resources necessary to pull the human presence and overall health. A magnetic provide the (natural) ways to help the body's normal healing process as a pass through all the networks and cells. Studies show that magnets can be an effective therapy for relief of pain by blocking pain sensations. Applying the injury magnets increase blood flow and oxygen to increase the body's natural healing process. The increased flow of blood and fluid exchange network to help reduce injury pain and inflammation.

Completed clinical trials in the United States.

Arthritic Pain: In 1997, Dr. Carlos Valbona from Baylor College of Medicine, published a study reported that 76% of patients treated using permanent magnets reported a decrease in arthritic joint and muscle pain compared with 19% of placebo patients.

Facilities diabetes Pain: Dr. Michael Weintraub of New York Medical College released a study that shows that significant levels of poverty in the foot pain that afflicts millions of diabetics. Using magnetic insoles, nine out of ten people with diabetes reported a decrease in pain burning sensations, tingling and taste compared with 22% reporting an increase in the placebo group.

Fibromyalgia: Magnetic Mattress Pad with the Use, held in Patients A Randomized Double-blind Pilot Study, conducted by Agatha P. Colbert, MD, Assistant Professor of Clinical Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Tufts University School of Medicine, Boston, MA. Conclusion of the "sleeping in the magnetic mattress pad provides a statistically significant and clinically relevant pain relief and sleep with the improvement in the subjects held. No adverse reactions recorded during the 16-week trial."

Other - There are hundreds of other clinical trials that prove the efficiency of magnetic therapy was reported in several Gary Null book with Healing Magnets, and very good in the work, Magnetic Therapy Research in Eastern Europe, by Jiri Jerabek, MD, PhD, and William Pawluck, MD, MSc.

Magnetic Therapy Today - Today in Japan and other Asian countries, including the magnets is given as a medical device. Magnetic therapy has found favor in Australia, Russia and many European countries, especially in Germany in which health insurance covers some costs. Contemporary western medicine using magnetic energy for diagnosis with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and, as a method to accelerate the healing of bone fractures. Magnetic therapy is becoming increasingly popular among health practitioners progressive, Veterinarians and professional athletes and the general public. This is a reality, our population is aging and the cost of traditional health care is spiraling upward. magnetic therapy, for reasons of ease, effectiveness and economy, will become an important form of alternative treatment in the future.

According to the World Health Organization and the type of Gauss strength magnets used in magnetic therapy does not offer a health hazard. Consult your health care professional before using any new type of therapy. Most magnetic products carry warning labels indicating the following:

Do not use magnets or magnetic therapy if using a pacemaker, implanted insulin pump or because it can interfere with the soft electronic equipment. Magnetic products are not recommended for use during pregnancy. They do not proven profitable, and not harm. Be on the safe side, do not use. Keep magnetic products at least six inches from the object, such as credit cards, computer diskettes, audio and videotapes, and the same items, such as loss of data can cause.

The history of magnetic therapy

More than 2000 years ago, Chinese medics realized that part of the body's energy plays an important role in protecting us from disease. They are called Wei Chi (how Chee), which means' defensive energy ', the invisible energy that is only distributed under the skin and is our first line of protection against disease and illness.

Traditional Chinese Acupuncture therapy is used is called a trusted to strengthen the Wei chi on the 'external pathogenic' - the influence of outsiders such as cold and damp that can affect immune function when the defense is low and can cause illness.

Currently, research shows that Acupuncture improve immune function by stimulating the production of blood cells and shows changes in the complex parameters of the immune system.

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Magnetic Therapy itself is based on the use of magnets in and around the Acupuncture points from your body. Applying Magnetic Therapy to help build new cells to rejuvenate the tissues of the body. Magnetic Therapy is not a caprice. He has thousands of years the value of history is used for treatment.

Many millions of years ago when living far away in the early stages of creation, the earth geomagnetic field may be hundreds of times stronger than that today. Our bodies today, have been developed in the enriched environment of oxygen in the water, nutrition and charm. All natural systems in the human body is electro-magnetic in nature and respond to natural earth charm.

Our bodies' natural magnetic field created by the electrical flow of ions and charged in the outer cells, and transmission of electric impulses through the cell mem-brances. Because of the rapid pace of modern life and continuously in the development of technology and society, the earth geomagnetic field has grown very weak in the recent past. This field is who is protected by us from our day-to-day, we use the items to be given such as steel, cars, trains, aeroplanes, ships and metal framed buildings.

Some are amazed at how much difference that can make magnetic therapy. Best of all though, magnnetic therapy is only one of many ways to fight natural pain, particularly, arthritis.

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Loa Fair: Researchers writing Magnetotherapist
We learn to find a cure for disease cures and remove them. No one has figured out where the disease originated. The more we know about the human body, mind and spirit, the possiblity to find the reason for the disease can lead to cures. As long as the disease that humans, there is a need to explore all medical practices.

An interesting fact in the history of the Arab system is how the drug works. This is a combination of various thoughts and experiences. This makes the road to handle the health problems of the many ways and does not restrict medical practice to one train of thought. This provides the opportunity for open mind and include all the knowledge to help people maintain their health. This gives room for the advancement of medical knowledge and better for those who need such treatment.

Magnetotherapy research revealed to be a source dating back to the books written during the 1800's. Doctors recorded their work using magnets to cure and eliminate the disease. A trail of how magnets that will come to design medical presented here. Magnetic healing system is as old as time, but as new as the latest space-age technology. Scientific research is still in the infancy of magnets as medical devises. Research is being conducted in various countries around the world on the effect of traction from bacteria, flies, mice, rabbits, and a network of plants and culture, to learn what may be in medical circles. "Biomagnetism" is the term used in research on the attractiveness of the human body. Magnetotherapy come into this category.

Biomagnetism and Magnetotherapy is the use of magnetic strength to aid in the body help itself and may cure the crippling disease. The benefits derived from use of this technology can be distressing for the warmth of the joints, giving them more flexibility; enrgy to give more people, and make other people feel better. When viewing the results of magnets, they really as effective as pain blockers when used properly.

There are magnetic products in the market to help release stress. In the process they help relieve pain in some cases. Reason eliminated pain is the result of the strength of magnetic stimulate nerve to make the blood flow to the area swollen and injured. When the blood get to the area we do not have the swelling and pain situation. When our blood has been limited swelling and pain. This is a normal reaction from our body tells us from stress and injury.

In theory and principle that force can stimulate nerves, so that creates the environment for the body to recover from stress. This is not new technology. Used in many countries around the world and has been used for centuries. He has not been proven scientifically how magnets work on human energy. Is a phenomenon that is learning more closely with scientists and doctors together.

In India said the builders of the pyramids have been acquainted with both strength and magnetic used in the conservation of natural mummy from the damage. Cleopatra said using a small stone on the forehead to preserve her beauty.

Magnets are not made objects of scientific research to the early sixteenth century. PA Paracelsus (1493-1541) of the Swiss alchemist and physician, pioneered work on the magnets. He brought healing with the power to light. He traveled to Africa, Asia, Europe, and to make discoveries and learn various aspects of medicine. He observed, "that is a magnet attraction is the strength of our understanding of the outside, but that, still, that caused the power to pull the iron and other things.
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This magnetic useful in the treatment of all inflamations, influxes, and ulcerations, diseases from the womb and bowels, in internal and external disease. "His opinion is that every part of the body is sick, when dealing with a magnetic force, will recover better and faster than any drug.

Dr. William Gilbert of Colchester, England (1540-1603) is the first British person to study electricity and magnetism. He felt that the world is one big magnet. He found that substances such as paper and cloth, do not affect the strength of attraction between the stone and iron.

Father Hall, an Austrian Professor of Astronomy, in the eighteenth century the cue from Paracelsus and treated nervous men and women with magnets. Magnetic treatment by the Hall has been closely watched by Dr. Messer (1734-1815) who pioneered Hynotism. He applied magnetic treatment to the patients and successful treatment in a number of serious diseases and complex.

Mesmer work of Hall, and witnessed by Dr. Samuel Hanneman (1775-1843), the Father of homeopathy. He is the first to use magnet therapy for the treatment of disease. He prepared by the three medicines exposing milk and water to a magnetic force, using north and south pole magnets. Through the use of magnetic water and application of magnets (north and south poles), Dr. Hanneman found that he can treat 1,243 in aiding the recovery symptoms of the disease.

Although the discovery of Paracelsus, Mesmer, and in hanneman magnets as a tool therapuetic has been recognized, it continues to be used by doctors believe the healing power.

Michael Farraday (1791-1867) lay the basis for Biomagnetics and magneto-chemical and all this was set in a magnetic or other means.

Louis Pasteur in 1862 found that earths magnetic executed will provide a positive impact on the growth of plants.

Dr. EK Maclean New York, New You, the United States, has succeded in relieving pain with every type of use magnets. He has been treated succeessfully advanced cancer cases with electromangetic driving.

There are ongoing studies to prove how the appeal of working in the world. More people can be mentioned here. This is a birds eye view of the pioneer Magnetotherapy. Do you agree with this form of treatment or not, it is to live here.

Books on Magnetotherapy can be found in bookstores special deal "alternative medicine" and "natural medicine". B. Jain publishers from India has a very good book on the subject. You can find other ways through the central Research also deal with the magnets.

Indian Institute of Magnetotherapy, New Delhi, India has a letter-aid courses in the use and effectiveness of magnets as a health aid.

Magnetotherapy is a valid health assistance to treat the disease and as a preventive health care for the poor. Although not widespread, that, in the opinion of this writer, a great tool to help maintain and in the field of health.

Kids' cancer rates highest in Northeast

Kids' cancer rates highest in Northeast
Study may show reporting rates

CHICAGO (AP) | Surprising research suggests that childhood cancer is most common in the Northeast - results that caught experts off guard. But some specialists say it could just reflect differences in reporting.

The large government study is the first to find notable regional differences in pediatric cancer. Experts say it also provides important information to bolster smaller studies, confirming that cancer is rare in children but also more common in older kids, especially among white boys.

The study from the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is based on data representing 90 percent of the U.S. population. It found that cancer affects about 166 out of every million children - a number that shows just how rare childhood cancers are.

The highest rate was in the Northeast, with 179 cases per million children, while the lowest was among children in the South, with 159 cases per million. Some experts suggested that could mean there is better access to care in the urban centers of the Northeast, leading to more diagnoses.

The rates for the Midwest and West were nearly identical, at 166 cases per million and 165 per million, respectively.

The cancer incidence in boys was 174 cases per million, compared with 157 cases per million in girls. In white children, the rate was 173 per million, versus 164 per million in Hispanics and 118 per million in blacks. Teenagers had higher rates than younger kids.

A total of 36,446 cases were identified in the study, which analyzed 2001-03 data from state and federal registries. The research appears in the June edition of Pediatrics, released Monday.

"It's very powerful that this study includes so much of the U.S. population so it gives us a good picture of where we are with the incidence of these childhood cancers," said Elizabeth Ward, the American Cancer Society's surveillance director.

Environmental factors might play a role, including exposure to radiation, said lead author Dr. Jun Li of the CDC. Radiation has been linked with the most common types of childhood cancer - leukemia, lymphoma and brain cancers.
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Coupling Therapy, What daily lovemaking for a year did for one marriage?.

Coupling Therapy, What daily lovemaking for a year did for one marriage?.

Looking for a truly memorable gift for your spouse? Charla Muller has one: Offer your spouse sex every day for a year. That's what she gave her husband, Brad, for his 40th birthday.

The gem of 365 Nights: A Memoir of Intimacy lies less in the gift itself and more in Muller's motivation for giving it. She and Brad had been married ten years, the last several of which were "off kilter." She struggled with depression and wasn't much interested in sex at all. Her offer of The Gift was a way of telling Brad she was committed to restoring their relationship. Through stories and dialogue, Muller makes the case that marriage is worth unusual sacrifice and work—and that spouses will be happier and healthier for the effort.

Muller makes the point well, but writes kinda like this: "Girls, do what it takes to give your man a slap-happy grinnin' face and you won't be sorry." Throughout the book she alternatively refers to her readers as "girls," "gals," and "sisters." I don't talk like this. In fact, Charla and I don't have much in common. But we both care about our marriages—which is, after all, something significant.

Muller scores well (pun intended) with reflections on marriage during the year of daily sex. She debunks the myth that only beautiful couples deserve or can have good, hot sex. She names the scrutiny wives feel from other women, the changing standards of beauty, and the struggle to cope as women who don't measure up to our own ideal, much less someone else's.

Most chapters have a nugget of marital wisdom: women can't do it all—be super moms, wives, and employees. Something will slide, and it will probably be the super wife role. She names the "aha" moments all married persons come to—a crossroad where we realize that life with our spouse is going to be different than we had thought. Muller talks about the good of standing by our commitments and seeing what surprises may come. I affirm that, though I don't like how she connects it to having sex. She so loathed the idea of having sex at the end that she became tense before even changing into her pajamas.

Reluctance for it aside, Muller found that overall, daily sex made her happier; it made her feel younger, and strengthened her relationship with Brad in ways she had hoped and in ways she hadn't imagined.

Muller hints at her faith throughout the book. She holds Christian values of marital fidelity and perseverance. And while having daily sex made her feel more connected and inclined to be nice to her husband, this book only goes so far. Those wanting something more thoughtful about why sex ought to be pursued with abandon in Christian marriages won't find it here. But the broad popularity of books like this is a good sign that we still desire satisfying marriages.

Finding ways to express commitment, to craft places where we can rest in the embrace of another, reflects God's gift of marriage. For a few, that might include having daily sex. But there are also other ways to keep one's sex life, and love story, alive and well.

Lisa Graham McMinn, professor of sociology at George Fox University and author of Sexuality and Holy Longing (Jossey-Bass, 2004)