Friday, August 04, 2006

Organic food

Organic food
This can be extremely dangerous during treatment. It is well known that the immune system is seriously depressed during treatment, and organic food contains higher levels of bacteria due to the nature of the fertilisers employed (i.e. animal shit). A normal healthy person will tolerate these without problems, but during treatment they are dangerous. If you wish to play Russian Roulette with E. Coli or Listeria be my guest, but it is highly inadvisable. In fact even sushi, raw shellfish, non-pasturised cheeses, and products containing raw egg should be off the menu during the later stages of treatment. It is worthwhile taking particular care over food hygene and ensuring that all vegetables and fruit are thoroughly washed, particularly those that are to be eaten uncooked. Note that this is only applies to the later stages of treatment when depressed immune systems are a problem.
There is a story of a golfer who had the habit of licking his thumb and rubbing the marks off his golf ball. When the golf course sprayed the grass with organic fertiliser his habit cost him a week in hospital with a very nasty stomach infection. He survived, but then he was not on HCV treatment. Be warned!
General appraisal - Dangerous and unnecessary.