Friday, April 27, 2007

Alternative Asthma Treatment Ideas

Asthma can be a very frightening and dreaded illness, but with the proper medication and frame of mind, it can be controlled. Often, asthma patients use inhalers and/or nebulizers to bring relief. However, there are many asthma patients that feel as if they are not reaching their maximum potential with these treatments and opt for other treatment methods. Then there are patients that are experiencing difficulties which require them to opt for other treatments due to dangerous side effects and/or allergies associated with the treatments.

Normally, Doctors will not and do not prefer to endorse alternative asthma treatments. For some patients, there is no other alternative. We will look at various alternative asthma treatments that may be conclusive to fighting back at the disease.

Alternativeopathy will look at the disease as a whole and not just a set of numerous symptoms. The Homeopathic response is to try to cure the disease instead of breaking it down and providing relief of one of two symptoms. They look for many clues within the individual to get the whole picture. They will try to combine cause, precipitating factors, environmental factors as well as hereditary factors. The downfall is that while the homeopathologist is looking for clues and piecing together the big picture, the asthma patient is still having to deal with all the little details such as attacks, and inflammation.

Another alternative asthma treatment is the use of various herbs. Of course, if the patient is not educated in herbs and attempts to mix and match herbs at home, they may become an actual danger to themselves. While herbs are normally safe and effective in addressing many issues, it is not recommended that they be the key player in the approach of a alternative asthma treatment. If the patient is persistent and wants to pursue the use of herbs as a alternative asthma treatment, it is important that they discuss their desires and options with their physician.

Hypnosis and Acupuncture are also alternative asthma treatment considerations. However, oftentimes, it is very difficult to find the properly accredited hypnotist and those specializing in acupuncture. These are two very serious alternative asthma treatments that could cause serious side effects if not done properly, so patients must ensure that they are familiar with the credentials of the person performing these methods. Acupuncture has been proven to be an effective form of alternative asthma treatment. Needles Are used and applied at various nerve points in order to induce an internal chemical reaction to help effectively treat asthma. Many people have a fear of needles and for these people there is acupressure. Instead of needles, acupressure uses pressure to treat asthma. These are all very decent alternative asthma treatments.

If the asthma patient wants to experiment with different alternative asthma treatments, they should do some research on the various methods. They can find a wealth of information on the internet, at the local library and even talking to family and friends.

The most important thing when considering an alternative path to treatment and looking into alternative asthma treatments is to ensure that you openly discuss it with your doctor.

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