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Alternative Healing Degrees

Today, one can choose to enroll in a healing arts school to attain one or more alternative healing degrees in a variety of natural health modalities. While most individuals are familiar with conventional associates, bachelors and even doctorate degrees, opportunities exist to earn not only certification, but alternative healing degrees that are equivalent to traditional college degrees.

More common forms of alternative healing degrees may be earned through acupuncture and Oriental Medicine schools, chiropractic schools and naturopathic schools. For example, students seeking alternative healing degrees in Oriental Medicine may achieve "D.O.M." or "O.M.D." status, also known as "Doctor of Oriental Medicine" and "Oriental Medical Doctor," upon successful completion of a Chinese medicine course. In the same course of study, candidates may choose to enroll in a Master of Acupuncture program, and earn the title of "M.Ac."

Among many interesting alternative healing degrees that a number of natural health schools offer prospective students is the Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (B.A.M.S.), which is often equivalent to an M.D. degree program. However, numerous practitioners will sometimes participate in the B.A.M.S. as a supplementary course to their degree in naturopathic medicine or conventional Medical Doctor degree. Another alternative healing degree program option is the "N.D." course. The Doctor of Naturopathy degree may be earned after the student has completed over 4,000 hours of educational training, in addition to postsecondary education. The Doctor of Chiropractic Degree is another fine inclusion within the alternative healing degrees group of studies one may choose to pursue; however, bare in mind that most chiropractic schools frequently require a bachelor's degree or other prerequisite courses prior to enrollment.

In general, alternative healing degrees are unique substitutes for, or welcome additions to, traditional academic degrees, which offer an array of educational options instrumental in beginning an entrepreneurial healthcare career in healing arts. Furthermore, they can also be an essential asset for conventional medical professionals desiring to integrate complementary medicine into an established medical practice.

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